GymClass - the Ultimate Fitness Concept

Celebrity trainer and fitness industry expert Helle Hammonds has combined her wealth of experience at the top of the fitness industry with the latest proven sports research to bring to life one of theworlds smartest, effective and most motivational workouts, GymClass.

Known as the Ultimate Fitness Concept each 55 minute GymClass is split into sections of High Intensity Interval Training and Resistance Training work, a combination which trains the body’s different energy systems, toning the body whilst burning tonnes of calories and torching fat.

High Intensity Interval Training is used to turn your body into a fat burning machine, by increasing the heart rate and maximise calorie burn long after a session has finished along with the resistance element to enhance strength, speed and sculpt your perfect physique.

Our small and exclusive classes provide each individual with the expertise, attention & motivation of a Personal Trainer with the fun inspirational buzz of a group work out.Together with the high energy music and sexy low lighting, GymClass goers will leave mentally and physically stronger than before.

Classes are tailored to ability meaning that anyone can attend no matter what their fitness experience and each class is uniquely designed to high energy music with no two GymClasses ever the same.This means your mind and body are always surprised; the key to producing ongoing results and sustaining motivation.

All classes are structured around the GymClass concept, ensuring a full body work out but with a different body focal point each day, meaning that classes can be attended daily. Combining high energy cardio exercises like burpees, squatting, lunging, bike sprints, tyre flipping, battle ropes and boxing with Resistance strength work such as TRX, dumbbells, gymnastic rings, boxes, handstands and pull ups on a revolutionary custom made frame, the GymClass expert programme is designed to make you fitter, leaner, stronger and an all round better functioning human being.

Located on Holland Park Avenue GymClass is situated in the heart of the community and has a welcoming and vibrant team.